Grand Mal x – KESS05

Grand Mal x – KESS05


June 18th, 2017

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Grand Mal x are a duo from Sweden. They’ve been around since 2010 but have only released cassettes until now. KESS05 is a retrospective vinyl EP culled from some of them, plus the brand new “Speed Of Light.” Grand Mal x are a great match for Kess Kill because, like the label, their sound is mutative yet specific. Their music has been labelled “weirdo EDM drone” by one label and “ritual ambient and house” by another. It can be all or none, plus more besides. The project’s mood—dark, dank and a little bit dangerous—is its main constant. It’s the soundtrack of illegal DIY parties from some bygone era.

The A-side is the club side. The opener, “Late Night Call,” is a grumbling and wickedly groovy end of the night tune—a track you drop to terminate an interminable party, something for the ghouls on the dance floor to sway to before reentering the world. “Speed Of Light” conveys a similar groggy horror show sentiment, only this one’s got a nervous amphetamine jitter. “The Trip” and “Rabbit” are much weirder creatures. One is a jangling and playful spoken-word piece, the other all burbling machine speak and sinister sounds.


  • Tracklist /
    A1 Late Night Call
    A2 Speed Of Light
    B1 The Trip
    B2 Rabbit


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